Check out these online game sites! 

Pokemon Games – the biggest base of Pokemon games and home to all Pokemon fans! This is a free website with a lot of Pokemon online games.

Lego Legends of Chima Online – LEGO® Legends of CHIMA™ Online is a free online multi-player game where players of all ages can build and customize their character and Outpost in the world of CHIMA™, explore massive environments like the Forest of the Falling Leaves, take on missions to help Laval and his friends, unc+over hidden secrets and treasures, battle enemies, earn rewards, and use LEGO bricks to build tools, gadgets, and more!

Nickelodeon Games – browse the most popular games featuring your favorite Nick stars including SpongeBob, iCarly, Avatar and more.

Neopets – the virtual pet community.

Dav Pilkey’s Extra-Crunchy Website o’ Fun  – don’t miss this site of fun activities and groovy games.  – try “Math Baseball”, “Grammar Gorillas”, and lots of other educational games.

Magic School Bus  – games, quizzes and fun trips with Ms. Frizzle.

National Geographic Kids  – interactive adventures, geography mazes, mystery photos, and more.

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