Originally founded by the Villa Grove Womens Club in 1919, the library was housed in a building on the West side of South OldLibraryChristmasMain street. Later the library was moved to what eventually became the Police Department on North Main Street.

The library was originally a volunteer organization ran by the ladies of the Women’s Club. All of the books in the library were donated at that time. The first librarian who was appointed in 1921 was Ida Capeheart. Many library directors have since filled her shoes with the current director being Jackie Jamison.

In 1965 the Illinois State Library was divided into 5 systems throughout the state. The library then became part of the Lincoln Trail Libraries System and remains a part of that system today. Being a part of the Lincoln Trail System expanded the libraries outreach and promoted reciprocal borrowing.

In 1993 the library was relocated to the building that was the Index Store, the library remains in this building today.


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