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Recommended Websites

Alpha Dictionary
This site links to hundreds of online dictionaries – including translation databases for nearly three hundred different languages. If you need grammar advice, or help with any question about words, this is the place.

Back to School Center (from Information Please)
This site is a handy go-to for all your educational needs, offering study tips, homework help and more.

Chemicool: Cooler Than Absolute Zero!
An easy reference for chemistry class, this periodic table offers useful facts about each element.

Fact Monster (from Information Please)
The Monster offers handy tools like an online almanac, dictionary, encyclopedia and atlas, as well as fun facts, homework help, games and quizzes. It even shows how to cite Fact Monster as a reference source for your school paper!

Internet Public Library, Teen Division
Whether you’re looking for reliable websites for your school project, seeking homework help, wanting to participate in a poetry wiki, or seeking answers to those Frequently Asked Embarrassing Questions (FAEQs), you can find it here.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)
Have writer’s block? Need help with that research paper? This great site includes everything you need to write a great paper, including citation formats.

If you’ve exhausted everything else, try the RefDesk – it has everything but the kitchen sink – time zones, conversion charts, horoscopes, maps, quotations, recipes, area codes, etc.

Teens (Grades 6-8) Kids.gov
This is the U.S. government’s official website for kids and teens.

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